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Who's Who in Meat e-Book is a comprehensive directory published annually by Stevens Publishing Company. It contains the most detailed information available on the meat and poultry industry in North America.

Thousands of the industry's top executives access this information throughout the year. For information on how you can use or become a part of this comprehensive guide, please review the information below.

Description - Indispensable Daily Reference

35 Years of Service to the Meat & Poultry Industry!

The Who's Who in Meat Interactive Suppliers Directory is available to meat and poultry industry executives throughout the world.

If you are a meat and poultry industry member or if your company offers goods and services to the industry, you should be listed in this essential directory. Listings are FREE.

"An Indispensable Day-to-Day Tool Used Throughout the Year by the Entire Meat and Poultry Industry."

Included in these listings are suppliers to the Meat and Poultry trade and all slaughterers and packers in North America. Who's Who in Meat also provides detailed information on the goods and services offered by directory advertisers.

Don't let your business be left out of this important directory.

Readership - The Nation's Top Meat Companies

Thousands of e-Book editions are viewed each year (over 4500 viewed in the last year). Additionally, an average there are more than 2200 hits on the Interactive Website each month.

These readers represent the meat and poultry industry's true "movers and shakers".

Contents - Reference Guide for the Entire Industry

Following is a copy of the Table of Contents Page from the Who's Who in Meat e-Book.

Suppliers to the Meat & Poultry Trades

    • Supplies & Equipment: Supplies, Services, Maintenance
    • Chemicals: Lubricants, Gas, Sanitizing Agents
    • Paper / Marking: Labeling, Printing, Boxes
    • Seasoning / Spices/Additives / Extenders
    • Cutting Equipment: Saws / Blades
    • Weighing Equipment: Scales, Check weighing.
    • Work Clothing & Linen
    • Electronics, Lighting, Electricians
    • Flooring Maintenance And Construction
    • Environmental Services: (Biohazard, Waste Removal, Sanitizing
    • Exterminating & Pest Control
    • Inventory Control, Data Collection, Bar Coding
    • Cleaning & Washing
    • Food Safety Services & Equipment
    • Heavy Equipment: Slaughter, Conveyor, Robotics
    • Heating & Air Conditioning
    • Plant Maintenance: Walls, Doors, Ceilings, Windows
    • Equipment Maintenance & Repair
    • Cooking Equipment: Ovens/Controls/Smokers
    • Utilities: Electric, Gas, Oil, Phone/Cable
    • Water Handling: Treatment, Plumbing, Removal
    • Value Added: By-Products, Rendering, Etc.
    • Storage/Fixtures: Shelves, Racks, Bins
    • Packaging
    • Refrigeration
    • Transportation: Trucking / Shipping
    • Cold Storage

Professional Services:

    • Legal Services
    • Financial Services
    • Insurance
    • Architects, Engineers, Construction
    • Computer Services: Hardware / Software
    • Media: Publishers, Internet, News & Info
    • Laboratory Services: Biochemical / Irradiation
    • Consultants: Management
    • Marketing & Sales: Agencies, Services, Consultants
    • Employee Services: Staffing, Payroll, Etc

Meat Industry Reference Guide:

    • Northeast USA Meat & Poultry dealers
    • North Central USA Meat & Poultry dealers
    • Southeast USA Meat & Poultry dealers
    • Mountain / Southwest USA Meat & Poultry dealers
    • West Coast / Pacific USA Meat & Poultry dealers
    • Canadian Meat & Poultry dealers
    • Trade Associations, Unions
    • Federal Government Agencies

Advertising Information - One Ad Runs All Year

Reach the Nation's Most Powerful Meat Industry Professionals.

More than 4500 executives have accessed or downloaded the Who's Who in Meat e-Book. Thousands more have accessed this website and conducted detailed searches for goods or services. This website contains data on the industries top companies and is fully searchable.

Your company is invited to advertise its goods and services to the nation's top meat and poultry industry executives with small, mediam or large ads with or without special placement. Suppliers who advertise in the directory are guaranteed an audience of the meat and poultry industry's top professionals -- professionals who make decisions as to what services and products to choose. Don't let your business miss the opportunity to reach the nation's top meat and poultry executives who need services like yours.


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Ad Specifications:

Full = 4-1/2 wide x 7-1/2 high:
Half = 4-1/2 wide x 3-5/8 high
Quarter = 4-1/2 wide x 2 high

Artwork: High Resolution PDF with embedded fonts (preferred); TIF, JPG,BMP, EPS.

Call for additional options, including FREE ad production for ads paid for in advance.

Please Note: Ads are non-commissionable and net cash. All advertisers get one copy free. Regular members of the Meat Trade Institute receive a 10% discount on display rates (excluding special positions). Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.

Amex, Visa, Master Card accepted.

NOTE: Become an Associate Member of the Meat Trade Institute and received a 10% discount on your ad, plus gain access to all membership services!

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